Kickstarting the next generation of streamers:

A Streamers Workshop for Beginners

Dream of becoming a livestreamer, but don’t quite know how to begin?

Join veteran streamers and entertainers, Raijinshi and Lylia from Fundeavour, for a two-hour interactive session on how to start a streaming channel, grow one’s viewership, and approach streaming as a business.

Participants will discover the basics of livestreaming, including:

  • The technicalities of setting up a stream
  • Personal branding, and the “streamer mentality”
  • Best practices on promotion, networking and community interaction
  • Understanding metrics and acting on them

Participation is open to anyone interested in streaming on any platform, including Twitch, Facebook and Youtube. We will be accepting up to a maximum of 30 attendees, on a first-come-first-served basis.

This workshop is brought to you by Fundeavour, a platform nurturing aspiring gaming streamers, Youtubers and esports players – in collaboration with GameStart 2017 and the SEA Summit.

Date: 13 October 2017
Time: TBC
Venue: PIXEL Building, 10 Central Exchange Green, Singapore 138649

About Fundeavour: is an online platform designed to nurture aspiring gaming streamers, Youtubers and eSports players, and connect them with brand sponsors. Launched in 2016, the Malaysian-based startup has built a community of 15,000 registered gamers to-date from over 50 countries worldwide, and has worked with notable brands including Hotlink, Tencent, Sennheiser and Uniqlo. Membership is free, and gamers gain instant access to a variety of resources, tips and tricks, a Facebook-styled community hub, and opportunities for added exposure.